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SEVA Cornhole NightHawk: The New Hybrid Carpet Bag!

  • On the slow side, the NightHawk features a new and exclusive "hybrid carpet" material. Offering a perfect 5.5-speed rating. This new hybrid carpet provides just the right amount of resistance for those strategic shots, but quick enough to slide straight into the hole.
  • Flip the NightHawk over to the fast side, and you'll experience a thrilling 9-speed material that takes your gameplay to a whole new level. This material has the perfect speed to push bags up that board and collect bags around the hole!
  • What sets the NightHawk apart from all the other hybrid carpet bags is the new NightHawk hybrid carpet.  This material is a game changer, offering consistent speeds in any condition.  The hole friendliness is unmatched, you will be watching these bags slip, slide, and fall in the hole all game long.
  • Filled with our Tri-Blend resin mix. Developed exclusively by SEVA Cornhole, this resin blend provides the perfect balance of control and hand-feel, allowing for unmatched precision in roll, cut, and flop shots.  The Tri-Blend resin mix is the most hole-friendly blend SEVA Cornhole has ever developed!
  • The NightHawk is a medium-full feeling bag, ensuring you have the perfect grip and control for every throw.
  • This bag is engineered to find the hole with ease, providing a smooth and controlled glide that caters to all playing styles and conditions.
  • Upgrade your game, choose the SEVA Cornhole NightHawk, and leave all the other hybrid carpet bags in the dust. Precision, style, and innovation– it's all in the NightHawk!

Reign/SEVA Nighthawk Collab

Typically ships within a week.
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